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Hello and Thank You for taking the time to allow us to introduce our Coventry accountancy service.

You’re looking around for a new accountant for your company in Coventry and the Midlands and Godiva Accountants are confident we can do the job for you. For the quickest response please call us on 07790 459051 to arrange a meeting on a day and time that suits you.

Lady Godiva lead the protest against what the general public thought to be too high taxation levels imposed by Earl Leofric. Nowadays you don’t need to have someone ride naked through the streets of Coventry to make such a protest, you just get on the phone to Godiva Accountants and let them arrange your tax affairs to your best advantage. Our city was founded and grew to be among the largest in the country due to the businessmen of the past who started up the ribbon and cloth manufacturing mills, the watch and clock makers and then on to the cycle and car companies. There are now hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs across the city and surrounding towns & villages who all contribute to the local economy to make Coventry a hub of commerce and trade. Godiva Accountants are part of the business infrastructure providing the bookkeeping skills that help to keep these entrepreneurs focused on their main skill sets that produce the profits that allow Coventry to thrive and prosper.

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Let us keep track of your accounts for you.

Small trader to big company

Whether you are the Managing Director of an established large limited company or a Self-Employed sole trader just starting up on your own, we have the experience to meet your accountancy requirements and keep you and your company in good books with the tax man! You could be a private individual with financial assets to administer or possibly retired but with shares & other incomes to arrange, a trustee of an organisation, a management buy-out team or in a partnership. You may be the treasurer of a charity or sports club or of an enthusiasts’ association. Any and all of these identities we can cater for. We cover every area of accountancy from business start up advice right through to fully detailed tax compliance and planning. Also for your benefit; not being a city centre firm with a huge office, paying for expensive rents and salaries and company cars means that we can keep our costs down to a minimum and so pass on the savings to you in our reasonable accounting fees.

We would be happy to be your new accountant in Coventry

Just give us a call today to get the ball rolling, especially if your tax return is soon due to be sent to the H.M.R.C.  The earlier we can get onto the job for you the sooner we can submit your return and keep you free of any penalty. The usual date for online submission of tax returns is january 31st, if you submit a paper tax return form then the due date is October 31st  but depending upon how much work is needed it may take several days or weeks to complete. We can of course complete your return any time after the april 5th year-end for the following submission deadline.



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